Last Updated: 07 Jul 2017

Survey of 133 mobile content industry professionals from 30 countries via LinkedIn Mobile Content Group

  • Strong intent towards Internet of Things with 61% of respondents stating it has some degree of importance in 2017
  • Amazon Echo found to be lowest priority with 75% of respondents stating it was either not at all, or not very important for their business in 2017
  • Growth in 4G viewed as the most important technology with regards to company revenue growth, with 84% of respondents rating it as having some degree of importance
  • 34% of respondents plan to integrate their products with a chatbot platform
  • Social media and Content marketing emerge as a strong marketing channels

London, 21 December 2016 – The LinkedIn Mobile Content Group in conjunction with B2B PR and marketing agency Big Ideas Machine today announced the findings of the 2017 Mobile Content Trends Industry Survey. Completed by 133 industry professionals from 30 countries, the survey reveals what mobile industry professionals view as the most important areas to their business in 2017. Conducted online, the survey asked respondents which platforms, marketing channels and technologies they will be investing in during 2017.

The survey’s findings reveal a continuing commitment to emerging platforms including  Internet of Things and VR with 61% and 57% of respondents respectively stating that it had a degree of importance to their business. 31% of respondents said they would be investing more in VR in 2017. Perhaps most surprising was that 75% of respondents stated that Amazon Echo has a low level of importance to their business, despite a large amount of hype and heavy pushing by Amazon.

The survey also examined industry professional attitudes to other core areas including which technologies are most important to their revenues in 2017. The growth in 4G coverage remained the standout response with a high degree of respondents (84%) considering it to be important to their business. Respondents were also questioned about product marketing investment. The most popular choice was ‘Mobile Advertising’ with 63% of people saying they were likely to invest in 2017. The survey also demonstrated that newer and more organic methods of marketing seem to be emerging with 65% of respondents engaging in unpaid social media and 60% of respondents likely to invest in content marketing.

“Mobile Content has now come to encompass many things, including the millions of apps that are installed on smartphones” said James Kaye, Founder of the Mobile Content Group on Linkedin. “We wanted to poll our members to understand more about their attitudes and motivations.”

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