Last Updated: 28 Jul 2016

Here at Big Ideas Machine towers we’re big fans of Flipboard. If you’re a marketer or a PR agency and you’re not using Flipboard then you really should be and here’s 5 good reasons why:

1. Knowledge is power  

Flipboard’s ability to curate information on just about anything means that it’s an unbeatable way for you to stay one step ahead in your field of interest. It also means that agencies can keep abreast of the latest developments in their client’s industry, thereby assuring the client that you actually get what they do. A daily read of Flipboard’s tech and mobile sections for 10-15 minutes is enough to keep us ahead of the curve and ensure that we are really clued up as to what is going on.

Flipboard2. Ditch the clippings book  

Traditional clippings books can be laborious, often having to take screen grabs and paste them into a PPT. Flipboard is a great alternative because it enables anyone who is reading an article on the tablet or web to ‘flip’ an article into a book there and then so it won’t be forgotten. Coupling a real-time alerts service such as Mention with the ability to cut and paste an article there and then into a Flipboard book is a powerful and real-time way to keep clients up to date with coverage if they are able to access the book at any time. Flipboard’s main drawback is that it can’t be turned into a PDF and so we say that it is a replacement for clippings books with a slight pinch of salt. Ultimately, agencies will still make clippings books that clients can download and stored offline and this is one thing which can’t be done with Flipboard. Saying that, Flipboard is an essential clippings book companion and effective real-time way to capture clippings in one place.

3. Get closer to your clients 

I regularly see articles on Flipboard that I share with clients who may find it interesting. Whether this is an article about a competitor, a trend or something else, it often makes clients feel valued that you’re thinking of them and also reassures them that you are actively monitoring the industry. Co-curation can also be a great way to involve clients in a specific topic or in their own Flipboard book. By inviting clients in to flip articles it gives them a sense of co-ownership and as said above, they can get realtime coverage which can be easily shared with colleagues.

4. Create fantastic shareable content 

Chances are that you’re active on Twitter for yourself or on behalf of a client. Making a Flipboard around a specific topic is a great way to easily create a piece of content that can be easily communicated via social media. Brands can even invite customers in to co-create Flipboards. The freedom for you to create your own Flipboard and gather followers is in itself a great way to increase awareness of your agency.

5. Keep ahead of the competition 

Flipboard is a great way to see what your clients competitors are doing. Being able to benchmark is crucial and this kind of knowledge is often very much appreciated by clients.


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