Last Updated: 12 Jul 2016

I’m sure you’ll agree that hashtags can be pretty confusing. First, there is the question of how many to use? and how to find the best ones? This easy to use guide provides quick and actionable Twitter hashtag tricks that can double your twitter views and engagement in a matter of days.

1. Make sure you always use #hashtags

Ok, this sounds a bit obvious but if you don’t use them then you’re throwing away a valuable opportunity to amplify your message. If you don’t include hashtags in your tweets then only people likely to see them are going to be your followers which is a but underwhelming if you’ve only got 50.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 17.05.312. Limit your tweets to two hashtags

Nobody likes a machine gun hashtagger, the ‘spray and pray’ type who ruthlessly peppers their tweets with hashtags like a Mac-10 on full auto. OK, firearm analogies over (before we lose you completely), common wisdom seems to dictate that the ideal number of hashtags tends to be about 2 and no more. Who honestly likes seeing a sea of blue text? Take a look at the table below courtesy of our favourite tool makers Buffer.

3. Research your Twitter Hashtags

In order to maximise your potential reach then you need to use relevant hashtags that have a good following. Luckily for you, there are free tools out there for doing this and our favourite is All you need to do is put in a word or phrase (remember that you can’t use spaces in hashtags) and you’ll then be given a view of related hashtags as well as a visual representation of how popular they are related to the word or phrase that you’ve out in, It may well be that you find other phrases that are better than the one you intended to use.

4. Beware of Hashjacking

There’s only one thing worse than being a machine gun hashtagger and that’s a hashjacker. What’s a hashjacker you ask? Well, its someone who tries to jump onto a conversation or topic by adding a hashtag to something completely irrelevant usually to sell something. It actually beggars common sense or belief but some companies thought that 9/11 was a great opportunity to do a bit of marketing. Take the Los Angeles Lakers who tweeted a photo of Kobe Bryant with the hashtag #NeverForget which just left people bewildered. We’re still not entirely sure what dinner and jousting outfit Medieval Times were thinking when they posted this tweet that seems to link men fighting on horses with the terrible tragedy of September 2001.

Medieval Times










 5. Think hard about what your hashtag should be

The challenge with Hashtags is that they are not exclusive. You can’t really own them or trademark them which is why you might end up sharing one with someone else. One such unintentionally funny error occurred when mobile games conference ‘Mobile Games Europe 2013’ used the hashtag #MGE2013 without actually checking that it was already being used by Mr Gay Europe 2013. Likewise, perhaps the most infamous hashtag error of all was when pop sensation Susan Boyle launched a new album and her PR people used the hashtag #Susanalbumparty……red cheeks all round on that one. All in all, what we’re saying is that it’s good to check that your hashtag is unique and that it reads well.

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