Last Updated: 16 Aug 2016

Pokemon Go has been the silly story of the summer, in a year that has been in desperate need of some light relief.

If you are like me though and haven’t fallen into the Pokemon Go craze; here are the top seven things you can no longer do in public with your phone.



1. Have your phone out in public
This is the biggest one.

Anytime I have my phone out,I feel now that people will instantly think that I’m playing Pokemon Go. It has literally ruined the ability to distract myself with my phone.

Fortunately, I have Apple Watch, so I’m still able to see notifications come through and respond to them.

But for many people out there, having your phone out makes you look like a PokéFan. Such is the epidemic of this game.

phone in public
2. Checking you are actually going in the right direction

Pokemon Go has led to millions of people getting more exercise, which is great. However, it does also mean that if you get your phone out to check you aren’t going , people will mistake you for ‘one of them.’

There are some ways to avoid this.

You can use headphones for voice directions (which is wonderful for being able to pay attention to the world around you), use a paper map (very retro) or get lost.


3. Swipe through an app
This is an extension of having your phone out.

While it’s possible to look like you are frantically typing to avoid looking like a Pokéfan, swiping of any kind is now out of bounds due to Pokemon Go.

Sorry to you Tinder users out there.

4. Plug your phone into an external charger in public

With smartphones requiring us to have a power station with us at all times, us normal people have a real problem on our hands.

Due to the power hungry nature of Pokemon Go, it’s easy to spot a Pokefan by the perpetual power cable going into their phone.

Of course, this now means that the rest of us are going to run out of juice if we need to plug in.

Still, if we do run out of juice, at least we can enjoy the world around us.


5. Stand with friends looking at our phones

One of the hallmarks of the smartphone era is the ability to stand with other people while talking to friends who aren’t even there.

Now, this has been taken away from us.

Any gathering of people on their phones is evidence of a Pokéstop or gym, with people all stood looking at their phones.

6. Take photos on your phone in public
In what must be a big boon to the compact camera industry, taking pictures on your phone has now been ruined by Pokemon Go.

That’s right, unless you want to look like you’re ‘catching them all’, you need to use a different camera or, god forbid, a selfie stick.

Please pass the sick bag!


7. Sit on a bus with your phone out
Another casualty of Pokemon Go is bus journeys.

With many players using the bus as a way to cheat the game and make it think that they are walking, you can no longer have your phone out as a nonplayer.

Is there no justice?!


Not since Google Glass has technology made people so paranoid in public.

As a way around this, of course, you can revert to an old feature or dumb phone. Or just leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy the world around you – it is summer after all.

The other alternative is not to care, but that may well lead to a lot of judgment from others.

Thankfully, come winter, us non-Pokémon players can return to our usual habits – probably.


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