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World-first technology automates the buying of CPM traffic on a CPI budget – giving advertisers access to the widest possible audience for the lowest possible cost

November 13, 2014, San Francisco – AppFlood, the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform, has developed the world’s first mobile traffic media buying system that allows performance advertisers to algorithmically buy CPM (Cost-Per Mille) traffic on a CPI (Cost-Per Install) budget. This new patent-pending technology automates the buying and fulfilment of any mobile CPM-based advertising  and makes it available to advertisers as a CPI cost via a self-service interface. This means that advertisers can access higher volumes of advertising traffic and improved ROI, all whilst minimizing spend.

Until now, ad inventory sold on a CPM basis has been largely inaccessible to performance advertisers who are increasingly using programmatic methods – such as a real-time bidding (RTB) platform – to create and deliver their campaigns, as the targeting metrics used in programmatic platforms don’t apply to CPM traffic. This also means that advertisers creating CPM campaigns have not been able to use the advanced targeting technology behind programmatic advertising.

Typically, advertisers and app developers looking to purchase CPM inventory have turned to performance media buyers who act as middlemen, planning campaigns and buying ad inventory on the clients behalf, and charging them on a CPI basis. With the launch of AppFlood’s automated media buying system developers can access CPM inventory without the middlemen, delivering  truly programmatic mobile ad inventory at scale through AppFlood’s Supply Side Platform (SSP) partners which include InMobi, AdMob, and Google.

“Despite the huge changes happening in the mobile advertising industry thanks to the rise of programmatic buying, a majority of online campaigns are still created on a CPM basis. With AppFlood’s new technology, we have blown the doors open for programmatic buying of any and all mobile ad traffic, “said PapayaMobile CEO Si Shen. “We have already helped a leading U.S. game developer nearly double their daily installs through this new platform; this really is the way forward for mobile advertising.”

How AppFlood’s patent pending automated media buying system works:

AppFlood’s innovative patent-pending programmatic system is made of a series of parts that work in conjunction to deliver high ROI traffic at scale.

  • Performance advertisers can sign up to AppFlood, where they’ll gain immediate access to a self-serve dashboard. Clients can submit information including targeting requirements and mobile ad creatives to be processed by AppFlood’s programmatic platform.
  • For each impression, AppFlood’s Smart Convert™ analyzes demographic information provided by the publisher to identify how likely each mobile user will convert into a download and at what price.
  • AppFlood’s AdMatch Pro™ technology then uses a combination of historical campaign data, predictive analysis lending from AppFlood’s expertise in big data, and the performance advertiser’s CPI bid price to calculate the best-fit CPM bid price to win the bid for the single inventory.
  • Throughout the advertiser’s campaign, AppFlood’s system is continually optimizing to minimize CPI costs, whether by adjusting the campaign to rely more on predictive data over the campaign’s lifetime, or intelligently identifying and automatically displaying only the ads that provide the highest volume of conversions.
  • Performance advertising clients can continually track the campaign’s performance and make adjustments.


About AppFlood

In 2012 PapayaMobile launched AppFlood, the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform. AppFlood’s proprietary technologies drive performance for internationally competitive premium advertisers and brands with global mobile advertising strategies. AppFlood’s SmartConvert™ algorithmically optimizes advertisers’ user-acquisition campaigns using machine-learning and predicts users that are most-likely to convert. AdMatch Pro™ mobilizes AppFlood’s expertise in big data and user-behavior marketing to accurately target relevant user segments flexibly, reliably, and at scale. Connected to 82,000 apps, AppFlood delivers nearly half a million daily installs and 800 million daily impressions.

More information can be found at

About PapayaMobile

PapayaMobile is a global mobile technology company creating innovative mobile products that change lives worldwide. PapayaMobile is responsible for three international mobile-first products. AppFlood is the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform, delivering unparalleled performance for developers and brands with international mobile marketing budgets. Papaya Games develops the world’s top-grossing mobile games. PapayaMobile’s latest product Kiwi Calendar is a new mobile approach for discovering fun local things to do with friends.

Founded in 2008, PapayaMobile is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in San Francisco and London. For more information, visit

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