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Findings show that 70% of all users acquired come from Asia and Latin America, and Eastern Europe is quickly emerging as a powerful region in mobile advertising

San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2015 — AppFlood (, the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform from PapayaMobile, today announced its fourth quarter data report on Global Mobile Android Advertising Insights. The comprehensive report analyzed global mobile traffic, cost-per-user, mobile ad spend and more from AppFlood’s network. The report is available from the AppFlood website –

“Our findings show that mobile advertising continues to see exponential growth in the emerging regions,” said Si Shen, co-founder & CEO of PapayaMobile. “While regions like North America and Western Europe saw a slow in install rates last quarter, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe saw increases. Eastern Europe saw the biggest jump in install rate and was second in terms of traffic. With rising install rates and the majority of users acquired coming from Asia and Latin America, advertisers are beginning to see the massive opportunity that lies in the emerging regions.”

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Mobile traffic grew 30% quarter-over-quarter and 1,095% year-over-year
  • The winter holidays drove up eCPM rates as well from $.36 in the third quarter to $.47 in the fourth quarter
  • Global mobile ad spend grew 1,379% year-over-year
  • Asia accounted for 46% of global mobile traffic. Eastern Europe came in second with 18%.
  • The most promoted apps during the fourth quarter were communication apps, which accounted for 45% of promoted apps after a 50% increase quarter-over-quarter. Previously, personalization apps had been the most promoted

Launched by PapayaMobile in 2012, AppFlood has clients from all around the world looking to build international mobile brands, including Chinese advertisers who currently boast the largest mobile advertising budgets in the world. It delivers nearly half a million installs daily and 800 million daily impressions. PapayaMobile a global mobile technology company with more than 150 employees. It is headquartered in Beijing with offices in San Francisco and London.


About AppFlood

In 2012 PapayaMobile launched AppFlood, the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform. AppFlood’s proprietary technologies drive performance for internationally competitive premium advertisers and brands with global mobile advertising strategies. AppFlood’s SmartConvert™ algorithmically optimizes advertisers’ user-acquisition campaigns using machine-learning and predicts users that are most-likely to convert. AdMatch Pro™ mobilizes AppFlood’s expertise in big data and user-behavior marketing to accurately target relevant user segments flexibly, reliably, and at scale. Connected to 82,000 apps, AppFlood delivers nearly half a million daily installs and 800 million daily impressions.

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About PapayaMobile

PapayaMobile is a global mobile technology company creating innovative mobile products that change lives worldwide. PapayaMobile is responsible for three international mobile-first products. AppFlood is the leading global programmatic mobile ad platform, delivering unparalleled performance for developers and brands with international mobile marketing budgets. Papaya Games develops the world’s top-grossing mobile games. PapayaMobile’s latest product Kiwi Calendar is a new mobile approach for discovering fun local things to do with friends.

Founded in 2008, PapayaMobile is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in San Francisco and London. For more information, visit

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