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Closed beta opens for turn-based alien combat game now recruiting iPad gamers to repel the alien invasion

Vilnius, Lithuania. December 17, 2014 – In a last ditch effort to overcome the complete destruction of Planet Earth at the hands of alien invaders, Game Insight today announced the closed beta of its highly anticipated turn-based strategy game X-Mercs:Invasion on iPad. Willing conscripts interested in signing up and annihilating some alien scum will be accepted on a first come first served basis at

The year is 2082 and Earth has been ravaged by attacking mutant alien forces. Only a handful of private military corporations remain to stand against the total destruction of the human race. As the head of one of these corporations, the player’s job is to assemble a crack team of battle-hardened troops as well as develop their base and research facilities to unlock the latest weapons and tech to annihilate the alien menace once and for all.

Featuring incredible graphics and effects powered by the Unity® game engine, X-Mercs: Invasion is a deep strategic turn-based combat game that promises to deliver alien butt-kicking on an epic scale. The game is part of Game Insight’s new slate of core-focused high-end 3D titles for mobiles and tablets. The closed beta test will give a handful of gamers across the world an exclusive opportunity to try X-Mercs: Invasion before its official launch in Q1 2015.

Key Features

  • Epic turn-based combat puts you in the heat of the action.
  • Deep strategic gameplay to satisfy even the most ardent strategy game fan.
  • Eye-popping 3D graphics and special effects powered by the advanced Unity™ game engine.
  • Face off against hordes of mutants including Reptoids, Chupacabra’s and Psionic Grays.
  • Equip your team with the latest tech and gain experience to unlock powerful new weapon and armor upgrades.
  • Undertake missions all over the globe including deserts, city ruins and even alien spaceships.
  • Research and deploy advanced warfare technologies – Call in orbital strikes to obliterate your enemies, develop cryogenic chambers to revive your soldiers and research new technologies to develop your troops skills and weapons to give them the ultimate edge in combat.
  • Complex storyline that immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity must make tough choices in order to survive.
  • Two global game modes: turn-based tactical combat and base development.
  • Offline Mode : Play without internet connection! Kick alien behind whenever and wherever you want.

X-Mercs is a free to play game and will launch globally in Q1 2015.

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About Game Insight

Game Insight is one of the world’s largest and most successful mobile game companies. Its knowledge, experience, scale and technical excellence has made it a pioneer in creating hugely successful F2P games, and today Game Insight is one of the companies leading the industry’s shift towards graphically rich 3D gaming: original titles like X-Mercs:Invasion, Tank Domination and Running Shadow combine console-quality graphics and gameplay with advanced and rewarding F2P mechanics.

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