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 39 percent of UK consumers report that their location positively influences their decision to engage with a brand, while at least 14 percent engage with a brand as a direct result of location-derived advertising over connected devices

LONDON 4th November 2015 – Location data and advertising technology company BlisMedia today published a new report which, for the first time, explores in detail the role location plays in how we engage with cross-device advertising. The report provides a host of new and unique insights into the growing importance of location-aware ads. The free to download report, Blis Insights: The influence of location on cross-device advertising, investigates the impact different physical locations have on the way we use our devices, and in turn how we consume content and respond to online advertising.

Drawing on the detailed responses of a representative sample of UK consumers, the report found that across all demographics we’ve become a very connected society, with over two-thirds of the UK owning a smartphone, and the majority of people owning more than one connected device. 18-24 year-olds are the UK’s most connected demographic, being the most likely to own a smartphone, laptop, games console and smartwatch; but even the over-55s are tech savvy, with 21 percent of them owning smart TVs.

When it comes to engaging with mobile advertising, 43 percent of UK consumers said that they had clicked on a mobile advert at some time, and 39 percent of UK consumers said that their location had a positive impact on the likelihood of clicking on an advert. Interestingly, although we take our smartphones with us wherever we go, when it comes to mobile advertising we are almost twice as likely to engage with advertising when using our devices at home than if we are out and about.

“Mobile advertising may be the fastest growing sector of the ad industry, but whilst there is a huge amount of data on how many ads are shown, the industry’s  understanding of the role of location and context on mobile and cross-screen advertising has lagged behind.” said Greg Isbister, CEO, BlisMedia. “With this report we wanted to take a detailed look at how location influences our online behavior and how, by taking location into account, brands and advertisers can create smarter, more engaging and more successful advertising. What this report shows is that advertisers absolutely can’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”

Other key insights from the report include:

  • Despite smartphones being the device we take with us everywhere, we spend more time browsing the web via our phones at home than anywhere else – with 49 percent  of users spending more than 20 minutes per session on their mobile


  • Engagement with advertising via a smartphone is almost twice as likely when at home than when out shopping or travelling


  • The purchase journey triggered by mobile advertising is taking place across multiple devices. Across smartphones, tablets and laptops, on average 58 percent  of all transactions originating from a mobile ad involve at least one other device in order to complete the purchase process


  • Whilst home may be the place people are more likely to engage with mobile advertising, 74 percent  of transactions that result from engagement with a mobile ad happen outside the home


  • At least 14 percent  of the UK population is engaging with a brand as a direct result of location-derived advertising over mobile devices ‑ that’s more than 9 million consumers.


Blis Insights: the influence of location on cross-device advertising is available to download from the Blis website at

BlisMedia works with over 400 of the largest global brands across all major industries, including P&G, Unilever, Audi, Samsung, Spotify and Standard Chartered Bank The business was established in the UK in 2004, bringing audience location data and consumer targeting expertise to brands.

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About BlisMedia

BlisMedia is a leading provider of data-driven, programmatic ad buying solutions for digital display and video. We believe that consumer location and content behaviour, over time, can give us huge insight into who they are. Established in 2004, the business has built and deployed proprietary, industry-leading platforms that serve digital content to audiences on the move.  The company is headquartered in London with regional offices throughout Asia, the Middle East and APAC, as well as partnerships in place that enable it to serve digital campaigns to consumers anywhere in the world.

The BlisMedia platform serves highly targeted display Ads via Real Time Bidding to very specific locations and demographic groups across mobile, tablet and laptop. The company’s customers are primarily media buying agencies acting on behalf of the world’s largest brands, including Samsung, Ford, P&G, Unilever and Mercedes Benz.

BlisMedia partners with the data owners that provide accurate information to allow precise targeting.  These partners include the leading Wi-Fi networks as well as the Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) that provide the inventory for bidding in real-time. The company is a member of the IAB leadership council and is backed by three of the best Media and Technology VCs in the UK.  For more information, visit

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