App Promotion Summit is the world’s leading app marketing conference. The App promotion summit was looking for a London-based tech PR agency that understood B2B, mobile and content marketing to help promote its event and so they approached us to once again be official PR partner of the summit. We worked on the 2014, 2015 and 2016 summits as well as supporting Berlin 2015. Our role was to support the organisers with PR activities including finalising media partners, drafting and distributing press releases and securing press attendance throughout the day as well as managing social media during the run up to the event and on the day itself.


Soko Media


Increase awareness of the App Promotion Summit through PR and social media

What we did

PR, Social Media

What we did

In the run-up to the summit we worked with the APS team to identify some potential media partners and finalise their involvement in the event and reached out to key members of the UK tech and mobile press to invite them along on the day to cover the event. Two members of the Big Ideas Machine team managed the Twitter social media channel on the day (one in each room) to ensure all of the talks were covered which kept those up to date who were unable to attend. The #APS hashtag was created which trended on Twitter throughout the day which helped to personify the quality of the speakers and to give recognition to the companies that attended or spoke on the day. We also used it as an internal communications tool to inform people at the event of the workshops going on and to keep discussions going after people had spoken.

The results

Attendance at each event has increased significantly from year to year. Social media was incredibly active throughout the day far exceeding the daily average of favorites and retweets over the 13 day period where we managed the account. Feedback on the event was extremely positive with 31% of attendees rating the event as excellent, 53% very good and 14% good. 83% said the events were better (63%) or much better (20%) than any other event they had previously attended and 97% of the attendees said that APS met or exceeded their expectations