Osney Media, owners of the MGF series of events and the first ever London Mobile Games Week needed a PR & marketing agency with B2B experience as an understanding of both app marketing and content marketing to help create a guide for the event. The content was designed to capture the attention of mobile games developers who are based in London or thinking of moving to the Capital.


Osney Media


Content creation for London Mobile Games Week

What we did

Research, design, copywriting

What we did

We wanted to create something that was genuinely useful for game developers who are often thirsty for knowledge. After thinking of several ideas, we recommended creating a guide of all the useful things for gave developers in London. We developed the core areas of the guide to cover the key things that devs would be interested in such as networking, marketing, raising finance and even co-working spaces. We then reached out to our industry contacts for any tips and recommendations. We then wrote the guide and included ‘box-out’ quotes from our contacts where they imparted nuggets of wisdom on the relevant sections. Osney Media then designed the guide.

The results

We shared the guide extensively via social media channels and Osney included the guide in a dedicated mailout. The guide was a huge success and was downloaded several hundred times from the website. It continues to bolster the SEO and inbound leads for MGF and London Mobile Games Week and the format will form concrete foundations for an update in 2016 for the next event.