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More than 12,000 TV spots booked across 11 countries so far in 2015 – a 10x increase over 2014

Berlin, Germany, August 2015 – Quaid Media (, specialist in using the power and reach of TV advertising to help companies market their apps, has experienced a huge increase in the number of companies looking to use its TV advertising services to promote their mobile apps.  With the inclusion of traditional media more prevalent among mobile app and games, more companies are running sophisticated marketing campaigns across mobile, web, TV and print.

Already in the first half of 2015 Quaid has booked ten times more airtime for its clients than in the whole of 2014 – some 12,000 spots and counting. It sees the growth of TV as a reflection of the increasing budgets being spent not only by large app companies, but by medium and smaller sized companies too.

“For many developers, TV advertising may feel out of reach, but the reality is that it’s less expensive and less complex than they think,” Said Volker Dressel, MD of Quaid Media. “There are three significant factors in the big increase we’ve seen. Firstly, the rising costs of performance and install-based advertising has made companies look to other forms of marketing, and they are finding that TV fits into their budget. Secondly, the high profile TV campaigns run by some of the really big app companies have encouraged others to try TV for themselves, which in turn is influencing more and more companies to see if it can work for them. Thirdly, companies that already have effective user acquisition strategies and are expanding their product portfolio, are turning to TV as a platform for brand building – which is what TV excels at.”

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The campaigns Quaid has organised for companies have varied between local and international in scope, with no two campaigns alike. The majority of companies have targeted US consumers, with Germany, the UK, France and Brazil some of the other popular markets. With the average spend per campaign $65,000, it seems that many companies are investing serious sums in marketing and user acquisition.

“We are seeing a noticeable trend of clients seeking to run TV campaigns in synch with other digital marketing activity, especially mobile advertising and search, YouTube and video, plus other traditional media including outdoor advertising,” added Josh Rinsky, VP Sales & Marketing  at Quaid Media. “Research has shown that when used in combination like this, TV actually improves the effectiveness of other media. So it suggests not only are companies spending more on TV advertising for apps, but that they are spending more on app marketing in general.”

About Quaid Media

Quaid Media gives app marketers the opportunity to reach new audiences beyond existing user-acquisition channels. For the first time Quaid Media makes it affordable for app marketers to unlock the reach and brand-building power of TV and other emerging user-acquisition channels. With over 10 years experience in creating and running TV campaigns for mobile products, it’s helped hundreds of apps harness the world’s most powerful advertising medium. Based in Berlin and Los Angeles, Quaid Media is a 25 strong and growing team of mobile and TV experts.

Quaid Media is a division of freenet digital, a part of freenet Group – the largest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany. Since 2000 we are famous for developing, licensing and marketing of next generation entertainment content and services for the digital consumer. Find out more at

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