Last Updated: 12 Jul 2016

Behold! The ten commandments of app marketing !

Often, we’re asked to speak at events on app marketing. So, we thought that we would share one of our most recent presentations. To whet you appetite the ten commandments of app marketing are:

ten commandments#1 Quality Quality Quality

High quality reigns supreme on the app stores!

#2 Have a strategy

Far too many times we’ve seen app developers who don’t actually have a strategy. Find out what the key considerations are.

#3 Understand the funnel

You’re gonna loose customers as they travel through what we call the ‘app store funnel’ – identify what these stages are where yo can lose a customer before they even download your app.

#4 First impressions count

You’ve got one chance to impress a customer. Make it count

#5 Understands what motivates the app store owners

Apple and Google are looking for different things. Find out what they are here.

#6 Understand ASO

Getting to grips with ASO or App Store Optimization is key. Find out what it is first.

#7 Spread the word

Hit the media and social media hard and wide when you launch

#8 Master the mobile ad

Mobile advertising is not for the faint hearted and requires deep knowledge, understanding and discipline.

#9 Cross promotion works

Did you know that your chances of success are exponentially higher if you have other apps out there cross-promoting each other ?

#10 Knowledge is power

Get to grips with analytics to really succeed in marketing you app

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