Last Updated: 12 Jul 2016

Get your app tested before you launch!

John Miles, CEO of Health & Parenting insisted during his talk about their Pregnancy Plus app that once an app has been created, it is essential you get it tested. He suggested using internal and external sources to test apps and submitting them to or something similar. This site allows companies to see films of the app being used and the developers can hear live running commentary as well as see finger taps.

Get to know your target markets

“It’s a no brainer that you need to identify your target market when either launching or expanding your app” said COO of Health & Parenting Amber Vodegel. Although new markets can be especially challenging because of the unknown potential, Priori Data can help companies choose its target markets to make sure they’re hitting the right areas.

Don’t launch apps in parallel

For those who plan to launch their app on multiple platforms, Alex Jubien from Think Mobile suggests it is best to launch on one (iOS, web, Android etc)  as a type of icebreaker. This then allows for any amendments or developments to be changed before you launch it across all of the platforms and you avoid/pick up what could be costly errors that could be difficult to change in the long run.

Experimenting is really important

Julia Shalet, Product Doctor from The Mobile Academy said it best when she mentioned how important it is to test out and experiment with different ideas when producing apps. Experiments are a fantastic way to find out what you believe to be true is really true and to prove that you are spending time and money on the right things. Decide what it is that you’re trying to learn / prove, who the customer is and where you’d find them, how (when, what where) you’re going to conduct the experiment, measure it and asses what has been learnt.

Keep your customer engaged

From Alex Jubiens workshop on Building great Apps, we took away probably the most important lesson of the app development cycle. If your app is out there, how do you keep people engaged? Hang on in there and remember to keep promoting your features and highlight new ones when they come out. Most importantly, don’t stop what you’re doing but don’t rule out trying some new tactics like adding in-app purchases, deep linking or even something more serious like retargeting (see point 2 again)


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